recent projects

Shanks ShanksFrequency, the latest carpet tile creation from Quadrant Carpets, has been used by IOR, as a key element in the transformation of the Milton Keynes offices of 'waste to product' company, Shanks. In the first project, where five variants of the Frequency range have been used in one setting, IOR has employed 1100m2 of the subtle changing hues of the carpet tile range, to achieve a dynamic office landscape, upon which it has reinvented the Shanks workplace. Utilising the 'Almost Black' and 'Middle Grey' tiles as the base note for areas such as, meeting rooms and the open plan staircase, IOR brought through the colour-hues to open up and lift the communal spaces. The muted colour-ways within the range, provide a smart choice for open plan space with designated work environs, which provide concentration pods, relaxed group working areas, formal meeting rooms and small coves for the 100 head-office based employees. Ross Glithro, senior designer at IOR, said, "The Shanks team understood that the new office design needed to be very different from what went before. They were very open to the concept developed for the Milton Keynes office. We needed a highly flexible flooring solution and at the time, Quadrant presented its Frequency range to us. It was one of those 'right time and place' and right product moments. James Scully, chief designer and managing director at Quadrant Carpets stated, "Frequency has captured the current design mood in highly personalised environments. As the platform on which to build a unique project space, clients such as IOR are allowing this product's extensive combinations to cascade and add emphasis across their design." This bold concept is manufactured in the UK using the finest components, including Antron Lumena 6.6 solution dyed nylon, providing the highest luminosity and colour performance over the life of the carpet. The tiles benefit from Quadrant's high-density construction and offer a high performance, heavy traffic commercial flooring solution. Created in 12 colour-ways, the Frequency range folder is available to order now through Quadrant Carpets' website.